Monthly Archives: November 2009

Fragmented Trees

091104 Installation_14_adj

As the sun moved during the day, the dried branches, built into an avenue,  cast shadows of time onto the sand.  A willy wagtail hopped onto the branches and over the sand.

Crow Totem

091104 Installation_05_adj

Forty crows flew, perched,  squarked around this mound… when I climbed up and pushed a spinal bone into the ground, the crows abandonned the site. After 10 minutes, two curious crows returned to check out the alien object.

Filling the Void

091102 Cubismo_26_adj2

Click image to enlarge. The inverted umbrella symbolises climate change and catches sand, not rain in Australian desert. Fragmenting one point perspective below the horizon line.

Desert Cubism

I’m currently working on fragmentation of  the  landscape.

091102 Cubismo_09_adj2

The projector is an Epson EMP-TW700 projector onto white cubes, ramps, perforated wood and abandonned walking boots found in the Cawnpore Hills, near Winton QLD, 2007.