Monthly Archives: February 2012

Where the Crows, installation detail

I used a smoke machine to generate random smoke which puffed from a chimney pipe, or pooled eerily through a crack, across the floor… alluding to the mining industry’s search for underground gas in Australian deserts. “No Entry” signs litter the landscape.

Machine is a 650 watt fogger which heats up and releases tri-glycol vapour (not toxic) to symbolise the release of toxic gases, during the fracking process.

Where the Crows

An installation of 3x HD videos, shot at the Innamincka Garbage Dump 2010, projected onto a three-sided trapezoid space. Each wall is constructed of 3x doors and the ceiling is covered in 15 metres of bird wire netting, to contain and trap the crows, the viewer and to symbolize that planet earth is contained by the world -wide-web. The work is part of an exhibition 'Brave New Worlds' by 13 artists. See it on the stage at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St. Paddington, Australia 8 ~ 18 February 2012, opening on 7th.