Paintings just completed

And Her Ghost May Be Heard

My painting inspired by the  mysterious Min Min Lights that scare and follow travellers near the Winton-Boulia road in outback QLD. The ghost of Mary McKenzie, my Scottish great-grandmother, contemplates  the billabong where  gave birth to her first baby in 1881 while travelling alone with a bullock wagon to meet her husband in Boulia. Golden waves link Mary to the ephemeral light. Musical notes resonate Banjo Patterson’s ballad, Waltzing Matilda, 1896, while a galah and cockatoos screech across the Cawnpore Hills.


Julia Featherstone, And Her Ghost May Be Heard 2015. Diptych. Mixed media on board, 240 x 234cm.

Circles of Time

Atomic particles spin within humans, plants, animals, rocks and all  matter in the universe. This painting imagines the spinning atomic particles  at twilight.


Julia Featherstone, Circles of Time, 2015. Acrylic on canvas.

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