Brunhilde  melts into her horse 

A photographic series that imagines the aftermath of German warrior princess  Brunhilde, a valkerie,  who rides her horse into the flames at the end of  Richard Wagner’s tragic  16 hour opera, The Ring Cycle, 1876, dramatically saving Germany… and the audience. Why does tragic opera always kill off its fabulous heroines in the final scenes? In this scenario, I imagine the valkerie melting into her horse.

Saviour - BrunnhildeJulia Featherstone, Brunhilde reaches for her horse, 2006

Featherstone_Self Portrait as Brunnehilde-web

Horse head - Brunnhilde

Julia Featherstone, Brunhilde melts into her horse, 2006

Morte Mori - Brunnhilde





Julia Featherstone, Brunhilde after the opera, 2006