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Michaelangelo’s Cave

May 6: Postcard: Michaelangelo’s Cave: Sculptor Lea Ferris sent me a postcard of the quarry in the Apuan Alps near Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy,  where the marble for Michaelangelo’s David 1501-04 and other white marble sculptures was mined. I love the steep slopes, texture and zig-zag road… and memory of place

May 6: POSTCARD:  Michaleangelo’s Cave after digging in Photoshop > Filters > Stylise > Find Edges

My Guitar and Picasso

May 4:  Present: My guitar is very special as it enables me to write songs. I’m a fan of Picasso’s multiple perspectives and I wanted to pay homage to AGNSW for bringing his exhibition to Sydney

Across the Universe

May 3:  Free choice  I loved Elizabeth Abraham’s New Year’s Resolution for a year of LIGHT. I remembered that my word for 2012 is MUSIC, especially lyrics, invisible electro-magnetic waves and colour. Thanks Elizabeth!

I listened to John Lennon singing “Across the Universe” as I tried to respond to the music and lyrics within the electromagnetic waves… I found it poignant that he kept repeating “Nothing’s gonna change my world” and of course his world changed dramatically. This led me to rip and tear the lyrics to distort memory and hope.

Optika: Red-Green-1

This image is part of my Optika Series of experiments with colour. This work involves the film lighting  filters red and green.


Mapism is Cubism for the 21st Century!

Cubism, the artistic expression that forefathered all abstract art, was simply a method of portraying multiple dimensions onto a two dimensional canvas. This is not unlike the task of the map maker in representing the earth in two dimensions.

MAPISM is the new Cubism! Where contours of memories, dreams and fragments of history are traced and dugout onto maps of landscapes in the 21st century.

Yayoi Kusama Tate Liverpool

Amazing work! A cube mirrored inside and outside with 3 circles cut into each side… reflecting the outside world…..  looking through one of the holes, into an infinity of dots

Mirrored Ceiling in Hong Kong

My concept plan for the installation  Beneath Horizons includes a mirrored ceiling. In this photo, I am standing at the bottom right of the frame, looking up at myself.

Fragmented Trees

091104 Installation_14_adj

As the sun moved during the day, the dried branches, built into an avenue,  cast shadows of time onto the sand.  A willy wagtail hopped onto the branches and over the sand.

Crow Totem

091104 Installation_05_adj

Forty crows flew, perched,  squarked around this mound… when I climbed up and pushed a spinal bone into the ground, the crows abandonned the site. After 10 minutes, two curious crows returned to check out the alien object.