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The Red Desert Project

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape - MFA exhibition14

The Red Desert Project installed 2.5 billion grains of red desert sand on the floor of an urban gallery for city-dwellers to walk barefoot and be ‘out there’ in the emptiness. This immersive exhibition was integral to my studio-based Master of Fine Arts degree at COFA, UNSW. The images are video stills from HD video projections. Left: Moonlight Sonata (Simpson Desert, SA); Centre:  Gibson’s Compass (Simpson Desert, SA); Right: Alchemy of the Sun (Lake Disappointment, Little Sandy Desert, WA) >  See MFA14

Michaelangelo’s Cave

May 6: Postcard: Michaelangelo’s Cave: Sculptor Lea Ferris sent me a postcard of the quarry in the Apuan Alps near Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy,  where the marble for Michaelangelo’s David 1501-04 and other white marble sculptures was mined. I love the steep slopes, texture and zig-zag road… and memory of place

May 6: POSTCARD:  Michaleangelo’s Cave after digging in Photoshop > Filters > Stylise > Find Edges

Piano Stairs near the Milan Catheral

Video still from my Ground Series in Europe. The stairs at the exit to the Duomo Metro are sensitized to the sound frequencies of a piano.

Cargo Boat in Venice Canal

Video still from my Ground Series in Europe. My aim was to show another perspective of Venice. How they deliver cargo to the city in the narrow canals and the way the reflections of the palaces and boats are distorted by waves and ripples. The camera was hand-held on the railing of the bridge, Ponte De Le Pignate.

Snow in Venice near the Rialto Bridge

Video still from my  Ground Series in Europe: a low view across the snow covered gondolas with the teeth of the bow cutting through the scene like a knife, or waiting to pounce on unsuspecting passers-by. My aim is to explore perspectives that defy linear perspective lines of a single viewpoint

San Marco Venice

Video still from my Ground Series in Europe. The camera is sitting on the pavement in San Marco’s Piazza in Venice. My aim was to capture a low viewpoint, as if  from the eye of a pigeon.

Rue de Rosniers Paris

Movie still from my Ground Series in Europe. My aim is to fragment expected linear perspective from the ground viewpoint

Yellow Submarine Beatles Story

Love the shadows of the stripes on the ground creating a 3D intriguing image

Yayoi Kusama Tate Liverpool

Amazing work! A cube mirrored inside and outside with 3 circles cut into each side… reflecting the outside world…..  looking through one of the holes, into an infinity of dots

Umbrella di Firenze

Umbrella di Firenze Cordillo Downs, Simpson Desert 2009. Photographer: Julia Featherstone

090709 Umbrella di Firenze

I bought this umbrella in the markets of Firenze (Florence) Italy, 2006. I wanted to use this golden, practical object for my work, as the umbrella appropriated 4 iconic Florentine Renaissance buildings, in duplicate. It was kitsch / pastiche. It took my fancy… enormously!

I took this photo about 4 am, in July, on an early winter’s morning. The (almost) full moon was setting behind me, to the west. I used a Canon 1Ds, 28mm lens, on a tripod, with a long exposure and mirror lock-up. I lit the landscape with hand-held flash units, torches and the umbrella, with an LED Sony video light.