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Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata explores the emotional impact of the full moon and artificial light on human perception when alone at night in the desert landscape. Looked interesting when projected onto the roof of a workingman’s cottage @ Beams Art Festival, Chippendale Creative Arts Precinct, on 18-19 September, 2015.

Kenso Street

090713-Cordillo-Downs_Moonstruck09_1920x1080 080720-Boulia_Bourke-River_Moonlight_17_1920x1080 080720-Boulia_Bourke-River_Moonlight_03_1920x1080 080718-Old-Cordillo-Road_Moonlight_14_1920x1080 080718-Old-Cordillo-Rd_Moonlight_2_1920x1080


The Red Desert Project

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape - MFA exhibition14

The Red Desert Project installed 2.5 billion grains of red desert sand on the floor of an urban gallery for city-dwellers to walk barefoot and be ‘out there’ in the emptiness. This immersive exhibition was integral to my studio-based Master of Fine Arts degree at COFA, UNSW. The images are video stills from HD video projections. Left: Moonlight Sonata (Simpson Desert, SA); Centre:  Gibson’s Compass (Simpson Desert, SA); Right: Alchemy of the Sun (Lake Disappointment, Little Sandy Desert, WA) >  See MFA14

Gibon’s Compass

The video explores  internal compass,  beliefs, mis-beliefs and the desires for new horizons. Inspired by the Gibson Desert and Alfred Gibson who, in 1874,  lusted after Ernest Giles’s compass, even though he did not know how to use it.  The video opens with a  red compass resting on a slatted wooden table.  A figure enters,  picks up the two objects, and walks across the claypan, shrinking towards the vanishing point on the horizon line.

Alasdair Macfarlane and I  took  11 days to winch and pull ourselves through the muddy claypans of the Simpson Desert to Birdsville. Gibson disappeared in 1874 when he went searching for water with Giles’s compass. His body was never found, despite days of searching and the Gibson Desert is named in his memory.

Exhibitions:  Blake Prize 2012 Director’s Cut Exhibition;          Desert Equinox FestivalNight-Sun-Days screening, Broken Hill, 1-23 September, 2012;  Half a Desk exhibition, Kudos Gallery, Paddington, 15-18 August, 2012.

Optika: Red-Green-1

This image is part of my Optika Series of experiments with colour. This work involves the film lighting  filters red and green.

Copenhagen at Midnight

Video still from my Ground Series in Europe. Copenhagen at midnight is dark, chilly and icy. The perspective lines lead the viewer into the void

Desert Cubism

I’m currently working on fragmentation of  the  landscape.

091102 Cubismo_09_adj2

The projector is an Epson EMP-TW700 projector onto white cubes, ramps, perforated wood and abandonned walking boots found in the Cawnpore Hills, near Winton QLD, 2007.

Shadows on Sand

090712 Sun Dial Triptych_video still2

There is more mystery in the shadow of a ‘woman’ walking on a sunny day, than in all the religions of the world….. Giorgio de Chirico

Black Crow Totem

Black Crow Totem, Innamincka 2009. Video Still. Cinematographer: Julia Featherstone

090921 Black Crow Totem, nnamincka

I’m currently editing my HD video footage  Black Crows, taken near our campsite at Burkes Grave, Innamincka, Simpson Desert, Saturday 18th July,2009, late afternoon.

I loved driving out alone among the Jump Ups, gibbers and crows, in our new Turbo Charged Land Cruiser. The Cruiser lived up to its name, cruising along like a small light car…  it was soooooo easy to handle, with all that torque!!!!! Our old 1991 Cruiser (just traded in) drove like a bull-dozer, and more…….!!

090922 Black Crow Totem-03

090921 Black Crow Totem-02