Big Bang is an animation of the first painting in my 9 panel series, ‘History of Humans’. I painted a hollow core door (1.8M x 800cm) with Matisse acrylics, shot JPGs on my Canon Mark3 (1980x1080px), animated the sequence in Quicktime7, composed the music in Cubase 8.5 and finally, edited the animation/music in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Squaring the Circle video explores the cartographer’s nightmare is to fit the curved surface of the World onto a  grid pattern of latitude and longitude lines (500 frames in 0:20 secs).

My Mother’s Board is rotoscope of one of my short films, Wonderland, 7mins, 2002-3 where a bored house -wife turns her ironing board into a surfboard and goes surfing (500 frames in 0:20 secs).

Testing  iMotion HD app on an iPad, with Sam (0:06 secs)



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