My Guitar and Picasso

May 4:  Present: My guitar is very special as it enables me to write songs. I’m a fan of Picasso’s multiple perspectives and I wanted to pay homage to AGNSW for bringing his exhibition to Sydney

Across the Universe

May 3:  Free choice  I loved Elizabeth Abraham’s New Year’s Resolution for a year of LIGHT. I remembered that my word for 2012 is MUSIC, especially lyrics, invisible electro-magnetic waves and colour. Thanks Elizabeth!

I listened to John Lennon singing “Across the Universe” as I tried to respond to the music and lyrics within the electromagnetic waves… I found it poignant that he kept repeating “Nothing’s gonna change my world” and of course his world changed dramatically. This led me to rip and tear the lyrics to distort memory and hope.

Mexico meets Sydney

Every Day in May 1: Landscape:  I’ve joined this global sketching group which draws a different, nominated subject each day during May.  For the 1st May, I sketched the succulent garden in the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens with the iconic Centrepoint tower in the background:  Mexico meets Sydney.

Kimberlea in the Wild

My watercolour 56×76 cm is finally framed in a hot Napthol Red Medium  (Golden) frame… like pyroclastic plasma after a volcanic eruption!

AfterLife: the Ring Cycle

Brunnehilde is a Valkerie who rides her horse into the flaming fire and saves Germany at the end of Richard Wagner’s massive 4 operas that make up  The Ring Cycle. This portrait re-imagines how Brunnehilde would melt into her horse and transform into a blended creature.

Brunnehilde is currently showing on the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Virtual Galleries website:

Adventures in the Wild

Where the Crows, installation detail

I used a smoke machine to generate random smoke which puffed from a chimney pipe, or pooled eerily through a crack, across the floor… alluding to the mining industry’s search for underground gas in Australian deserts. “No Entry” signs litter the landscape.

Machine is a 650 watt fogger which heats up and releases tri-glycol vapour (not toxic) to symbolise the release of toxic gases, during the fracking process.

Where the Crows

An installation of 3x HD videos, shot at the Innamincka Garbage Dump 2010, projected onto a three-sided trapezoid space. Each wall is constructed of 3x doors and the ceiling is covered in 15 metres of bird wire netting, to contain and trap the crows, the viewer and to symbolize that planet earth is contained by the world -wide-web. The work is part of an exhibition 'Brave New Worlds' by 13 artists. See it on the stage at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St. Paddington, Australia 8 ~ 18 February 2012, opening on 7th.

Storm Approaching the Desert

Grid: 30cm x 30 cm, divided into 5×5 cm squares, Windsor & Newton watercolours, Advanced Colour Course P2/wk6, tutor:Daniel De’Angeli

Optika: Red-Green-1

This image is part of my Optika Series of experiments with colour. This work involves the film lighting  filters red and green.