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The Big Bang 2016 by Julia Featherstone

‘The Big Bang’ is the first animation of my painting series ‘History of Humans’ painted across 9 hollow core, wooden doors (1.8M x 800cm), with the final installation (1.8M x 7.2M).

The process involved paint, a camera and 3 softwares. Matisse Acrylic paints –  black gesso for the darkness of the void with Matisse Structure paints for the bursts of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, as light waves emerge from the void in the centre. JPGs (1920 x 1080 px) were shot on my Canon Mark 3 camera. I used Quicktime7 to animate the sequence and Cubase 8.5 to compose the music, ‘Atomic Woman’. The final edits and merging of image and music were completed in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

The final series ‘History of Humans’ will include:

1. The Big Bang 2. ‘Creation of Stars’ 3. Chemical Complexity (stars collapse) 4. Planetary Systems (Sun and Earth) 5. First Life on Earth (photosynthesis, oxygen) 6. Human Communication (collective learning) 7. Agriculture and Energy 8. Industrial Revolution (Carbon, Anthropocene, Artificial intelligence) 9. Red Giant (Our Sun loses energy, expands into a red giant causing the annihilation of Earth and our solar system.