Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata beamed onto the corrugated  roofs of two 1840’s  brewery workmen cottages. @ Beams Art Festival, Chippendale Creative Precinct, Kensington Street, Friday 18 Sept, 2015.

Kenso StreetJulia Featherstone, Moonlight Sonata, 2009-14, Installation view

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Moonlight Sonata explores the emotional impact of the full moon and artificial light on human perception when alone at night in the desert landscape. The photo-video is inspired by the ephemeral Min Min lights that appear at night near the Winton-Boulia road in outback QLD. This unexplained phenomena scares random observers. Long exposures captured the lights of the moon, torch and flash. As a consequence, many images reveal the coloured streaks of stars ‘moving’ while the aperture remained open.

One response to “Moonlight Sonata

  1. love the night images

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