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Dust Storms

Inner Sydney Dust Storm, 6 am, 23 September 2009. Photo: Julia Featherstone

090923 Dust Storm06

This morning, Sydney resembled  the desert dust storm that hit the Silverton campsite, 11 am 29 June 2009.

Cats have a ‘sixth’ sense. My cat woke me at sunrise, meowing and seeking comfort. But from what? Lifting the blind, I found a blood-red sky! The phone woke me at 6am , What’s going on? By then, the streetscape was yellow.

Today, the Big Twenty, meet in New York discussing climate change. China declared 15% renewable energy by 2020, USA and Australia must win Senate approval………..

Both photos were downloaded straight from my Ixus 100IS, without any manipulation, or  colour change.

Silverton Campsite Dust Storm, 11 am 30 June 2009. Photo: Julia Featherstone

090630 Silverton Dust Storm_campsite